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Develop your talents

During your studies, you'll discover your goals and what you're good at. At UvA Economics and Business, we're eager to assist you in both your academic and personal development.

Academic development

If you're interested in a discipline other than your own field of study, you can take electives in that area or pursue a minor. Alternatively, if you're keen to take on an extra challenge, you can sign up for an Honours programme, do an internship or go on an exchange.

  • Deepen your knowledge through electives or take a minor

    The electives you take in the third year of your Bachelor's programme help you deepen or broaden your knowledge. You can also take extracurricular courses during the Bachelor's or Master's phase. This could include courses from other disciplines, either at the UvA or another university in the Netherlands or as part of an exchange programme.

    Is there a particular theme you're interested in (besides your own studies)? A minor is a great way to go more in-depth on a single topic, such as sustainability, programming or Dutch as a foreign language.

  • Challenge yourself with an Honours programme

    Are you breezing through your first year and looking for a bit more of a challenge? Check to see whether you meet the criteria for the Bachelor's Honours programme. Some Master's programmes offer Honours programmes as well. Refer to the Course Catalogue for more information.

  • Put theory into practice with an internship

    An internship enables you to discover what type of company or professional field is right for you. It's a great opportunity to gain practical experience as well. The Economics and Business Career Centre (EBCC) can help you find the an internship that is the right fit for you.

  • Gain experience abroad

    Go on an exchange, do an internship or conduct a research project abroad. These one-of-a-kind experiences will teach you how to cope with cultural differences and help you make international friendships that will last a lifetime. For more information, you can attend an information session or contact the Economics and Business Exchange Office.

    Do you want to get to know the economic landscape of a foreign city? Go on a study trip with fellow students of an EB study association. You will get to know the city trough company visits and cultural excursions.

Personal development

Bridge the gap between your academic expertise, personal development and professional career.

  • Work on your soft skills

    How good are you at dealing with your own emotions and those of others? It's not just your IQ that matters to your career – your emotional intelligence (EQ) is every bit as important. As part of some degree programmes, we offer training courses to help you develop these so-called soft skills.

  • Learn a new language

    Speaking English of course already opens many doors, but it can be good to learn another language as well: one that will help you better understand a different culture or provide you with an advantage in the labour market. UvA Talen offers group courses in 12 different languages at a reduced fee. You can also practice your skills with non-Dutch-speaking students via the Student Language Exchange (SLE) forum.

    Tip from fellow students: 'The Faculty of Humanities (FGw) offers language courses that are open to all UvA students. If you're a UvA Economics and Business student, you can register for courses that aren't full yet. You can even earn credits! See the Course Catalogue for more details.'

  • Improve your writing skills

    Would you like to improve your ability to express your ideas and argumentation clearly in writing and strengthen your general and academic writing skills in English or Dutch? Sign up for the Online Academic Writing course

  • Improve your organisational and teamwork skills

    Honing your organisational and teamwork skills is always a great idea. By joining one of the committees of an EB study association, you can work with fellow students to organise academic, career and social events while building your own network at the same time.

  • Develop your leadership qualities

    Is it your ambition to participate in the development of strategy and policy within organisations? Would you like to learn to negotiate with and persuade others? Join one of our EB Programme Committees, the Faculty Student Council (FSR-EB) or the Central Student Council (CSR).

  • Prepare yourself for your professional career

    Figuring out what you want to do and achieve with your degree is a voyage of discovery. It's important to take the time to explore your options and learn what makes you feel energised and which type of job is right for you. From the first year of your studies until after you graduate, the Economics and Business Career Centre (EBCC) can help you prepare for your career and help you transition from your academic to your professional career.

  • Go into business for yourself: become an entrepreneur

    Are you interested in running a business? Would you like to bring your ideas to life in a company of your own? Your time at university offers a great opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship.