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On 10 March UvA Economics and Business organised the first Fuckup Night at a Dutch university. While there is a tendency to ignore (business) failures, they were put in the spotlights in a sold-out Kriterion cinema.

Three Economics and Business alumni spoke to students about their professional failures, to show how valuable mistakes can be for personal and professional growth. Roby Hormis (Tosti Creative), Evgeny Mironov (bunq) and Anuroopa Kataria (Freelance career coach and counsellor) bravely demonstrated that no career is a perfectly straight line to success.

Furthermore, failures are celebrated and shared more often. Publications such as The New York Times write guides on how to talk about failure, popular podcasts are dedicated to the subject, and some researchers are now keeping a ‘CV of failures’. It also adds to a healthy workplace atmosphere: sharing your failures humanises you.

About Fuckup Nights

Fuckup Nights started as a small organisation in Mexico and is now a ‘movement’, as it has reached over 90 countries. 3 to 4 speakers tell a tale of a failure and what they learned from it to indicate that a failure can be a lesson and not a loss or something to be ashamed of.