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The results of the 2018 National Student Survey (NSE) are in. The results show a decrease in student satisfaction nationwide, including at the UvA.

News item: NSE 2018 - Decrease in student satisfaction nationwide, including at the UvA

Although improvements can be made on various themes in the study programmes at UvA Economics and Business, it is encouraging to see that in the general assessment of our programmes, we score an average of about 4 points on the 5-point scale.

Consultations for improvements

In the coming period, we will further explore the results for the various themes of our programmes and possible steps for improvement. These will be discussed in various consultations with programme directors and teaching directors, the Programme Committees, and the Faculty Student Council. Students will be kept posted about any specific improvement activities we will be undertaking.

 UvA Economics and Business results

2018 NSe results - scores for general themes (5-point scale)


General evaluation 3,9
Programme content 3.8
General skills 3.7
Academic skills 3.8
Career orientation 3.2
Lecturers 3.6
Providing information 3.6
Study facilities 3.8
Testing and assessment 3.5
Programme timetable 3.9
Study load 3.6
Academic counseling 3.2
Ambience 3.8
Quality assurance 3.3
Class/tutorial size 3.8
Challenge 3.8
Internationalisation 3.7

* Due to a different sample selection, the results for 2018 cannot be compared with 2017.

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