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Step-by-step guide to submitting your thesis

Submit your thesis in 6 steps.

Step 1: Include the Statement of Originality in your thesis

Please include a Statement of Originality in your thesis confirming that you have written the contents of your thesis yourself.

Use the standard text

Copy and paste the standard text below and add it to page 2 of your thesis.

Statement of Originality

This document is written by Student [fill out your Given name and your Surname] who declares to take full responsibility for the contents of this document.

I declare that the text and the work presented in this document are original and that no sources other than those mentioned in the text and its references have been used in creating it.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is responsible solely for the supervision of completion of the work, not for the contents.

Step 2: If needed, hand in a hard-copy of your thesis

If you have agreed with your supervisor to provide hard-copies of your thesis, please hand these copies over to your supervisor and second supervisor. If they don’t need a hard-copy a digital copy is sufficient.

Step 3: Save your thesis in PDF format

Save your thesis in PDF format with the correct elements in the file name.

Give your PDF the correct file name

Fill in your file name exactly as follows: Surname, Given name student number programme code.pdf

For example: Smith, Peter 1234567 BSc EOR.pdf

Programme codes

Bachelor's programmes

Programme Code
BSc Business Administration BSc BA
BSc Economics and Business Economics BSc EBE
BSc Actuariële Wetenschappen BSc ACT
BSc Econometrie BSc ETRICS
BSc Economie en Bedrijfskunde / Economics and Business BSc ECB
BSc Fiscale Economie BSc FISECO

Master's programmes

Programme Code
MSc Accountancy and Control MSc ACC
MSc Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance MSc ASMF
MSc Amsterdam Executive Programme Actuarial Science MSc AEMAS
MSc Bedrijfskunde in deeltijd MSc EPMS
MSc Business Economics MSc BE
MSc Business Administration MSc BA
MSc Econometrics MSc ETRICS
MSc Economics MSc ECO
MSc Finance MSc FIN
MSc Fiscale Economie MSc FEC

Step 4: Submit your thesis via Canvas

The day on which you upload your thesis is the submission date.

1. Log in to Canvas.

2. Go to the homepage of the thesis course.

Under Modules, there are a few steps you need to take in order to be able to submit the final version. These steps are:

3. Submit the Final thesis title.

4. Submit the quiz about Permission for publication.

Scroll down for more information about publishing your thesis. If you choose not to publish your thesis at this stage, you cannot reverse this decision later.

4.1 Depending on your answers to point 4, submit Additional questions regarding the publication of your thesis.

If you indicate in point 4 that you wish to publish your thesis, there will be several additional questions. For example, you will be asked to provide a brief summary of your thesis (abstract). You can also set an embargo period for publication, for example if you wish to wait a year before publishing your thesis. Sometimes, companies request this if you have used their data.

4.2 Depending on your answers to point 4, submit a final version of your thesis that is suitable for publication (optional).

Submit the final version of your thesis.

Step 5: Send an email to your supervisor

Confirm to your supervisor that you have submitted your thesis via Canvas and attach a copy of your thesis. Your supervisor will now start the evaluation process. The result of your thesis will be published in SIS as soon as it has been delivered by your supervisor to the Student Administration.

Step 6: Apply for your degree certificate

When your thesis is the last part of your programme, you can apply for your degree certificate once you handed in your thesis. In the Step-by-step guide for requesting the degree certificate you can find more information about requesting your degree certificate, the termination of your enrolment and the date of graduation.