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Bachelor's thesis

The thesis is the final examination of the Bachelor’s programme.

  • Register for the thesis

    Please register for the Thesis seminar and Bachelor’s thesis course during the course registration period. It could be that you do not meet the entry requirement of a course at the moment of course registration, but that you will be able to do so at a later point in the academic year. In that case you will receive a conditional course registration. This will be transformed to a unconditional course registration when you do meet the entry requirements.

    It will be verified that you have met the entry requirements after the exam results have been registered. If your study results do not meet the entry requirements then you can’t start writing your thesis.

    You can find the (entry)requirements and deadlines for the Bachelor’s thesis in the course description of the Thesis seminar of your specialisation in the Course Catalogue. If you fail to finish your thesis during the semester for which you registered, you'll receive a NA (non-attendance). You’ll be automatically registered for the next thesis deadline. If you want to continue writing your thesis in the next semester, please register again for the thesis during the course registration period of the next semester.

  • Thesis Supervision and evaluation

    A thesis supervisor is assigned to you during the Thesis seminar. Nevertheless, if you have questions about starting your thesis before the start of the Thesis seminar, please contact the thesis coordinator. You can find his or her name in the Course Catalogue.

    Your thesis will be evaluated by predetermined criteria, that you can find in the thesis manual or on Canvas.

  • Registration of your result

    The examination date of the thesis is the deadline for submitting the final version as indicated in the Course Catalogue. You must be enrolled as a student of the University of Amsterdam up to and including this final date, even if you submitted your thesis before this date.