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Frequently Asked Questions Special Examination Arrangements

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  • What is meant by disability or chronic condition?

    Examples of disabilities or chronic conditions are:

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder;
    • ADHD or ADD;
    • Blindness and visual impairment;
    • Deafness and hearing impairment;
    • Physical limitations;
    • Chronic diseases and allergies.
  • Which special arrangements can be made?

    Special arrangements that can be arranged are:

    • extra time at the exam;
    • take the exam on a laptop instead of using pen and paper;
    • the use of an A3 format exam;
    • in some cases, customised arrangements are necessary. These arrangements will be determined in consultation with the Student counsellor.
  • I didn’t cancel special arrangements that were made for me. What are the consequences?

    When you fail to cancel your special arrangements in time, you are not eligible for any arrangements for the first exam of the course in question.

    There are two exceptions:

    1. Personal circumstances: when this is the case, please contact the study advisers;
    2. There is no need to cancel the extra arrangement for ‘extra time for exams’.

    For more information, check: Special Examination arrangements for students with a disability ‘Step 3: Cancelling the arrangements’.