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Rights and obligations Economics and Business student

Rights and obligations Economics and Business student

There are multiple regulations that are important to you as a student. For example, how much time teacher gets to grade your exam or how many courses you can take per semester. On this page you find descriptions of the most important regulations and where you can find more information about them.

Naar informatie in het Nederlands.

To be clear: you can only derive rights from the official documents and not from this website.

Overview of the most important regulations

  • The Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

    In the OER you will find information about all the rights and obligations specific to your study programme. The OER consists of two parts:

    • Part A: Provisions that apply to all students of UvA Economics and Business. It includes general information about course registration, grades, exemptions, validity of results and review of your exams. These rules are also included in the A-Z list under the specific subject.
    • Part B: UvA Economics and Business programme-specific provisions,  including information of electives and the thesis. It will also include transitional arrangements in case of changes in the curriculum. All this information can be found in the course catalogue as well.
  • Course manual/Study guide

    A manual with al information about the design and assessment of the course. This differs per subject and can normally be found on Canvas.

A summary of your most important rights and obligations

Various web pages have been written on the basis of the regulations to inform you in a clear manner:

  • Course catalogue: substantive information about your courses, learning objectives, electives, thesis and attendance.
  • Courses: about course registration, attendance, maximum number of ECTS.
  • Exams and grades:  about rules during the exam, grading, review of your exam and lodging an appeal against examination results.
  • Binding study advice (BSA):  BSA requirements per programme and the procedure, what to do when you experience study delay 
  • Study programme : rules about you programme, electives and minors, honoursprogramme and how to apply for approval at the Examinations Board.
  • Graduation: conditions for graduation and the requirements for cum laude.
  • Special arrangements: about (help with) studying with a disability or chronic condition and special arrangements.
  • Complaints, objections or appeals : highlights the possibilities to make known when you do not agree with an individual decision or when you are not satisfied with something that you encounter at the UvA.


Do you have any questions about the rules or your rights and obligations? Contact the Education Desk or the Study Advisers.