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Programme Committees - UvA Economics and Business

Programme Committees - UvA Economics and Business

About the programme committees

Programme Committees - UvA Economics and Business

A Programme Committee is an advisory body at programme level that is set up for a study programme or group of study programmes, The Programme Committee is an important body in which students and lecturers at the most local level discuss the quality of education provided by their respective programme(s) and the way in which it is organised. In this context, the Programme Committee provides advice on the design of the curricula, quality assurance and policy-making.

What does a Programme Committee do?

The Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) defines the duties of the Programme Committee as follows:

  • to issue advice on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) of the study programme, and has the right of approval on certain subject of the OER;
  • to assess the manner in which the Teaching and Examination Regulations are implemented each year (the Programme Committee carries out an assessment by examining the teaching evaluations, the course catalogue and the course syllabi);
  • to issue both solicited and unsolicited advice to the programme director or the College or Graduate School director on all matters concerning the education within the study programme.

They do this by:

  • advising and supporting the College or the Gratuate Schools director;
  • advising on the study programmes and policymaking within the College and the Gratuate Schools;
  • advising on the quality of the study programmes;
  • advising on the quality of the academic student counselling;
  • advising on the quality of the connection of the bachelor’s programme with the subsequent master’s programme.

What are the programme committees at Economics and Business?

  • Programme Committee Business Administration (chair Alex Alexiev)
  • Programme Committee Actuarial Science, Econometrics and Operational Research (chair Marco van der Leij)
  • Programme Committee Economics and Business Economics & Fiscal Economics (chair: Koen Vermeylen)
  • Programme Committee Executive Programmes (chair: Rob van Meurs)

Composition and appointment

Each Programme Committee consists of an equal representation of both lecturers students. In principle, the position of chairman will be fulfilled by a lecturer, the position of vice-chairman will be a student. The members are appointed by the Dean: lecturers for a period of two years, students for a period of one year. After this period the members can be re-appointed.

As student member of a Programme Committee you can get additional financial assistance. For more information check the website about Administrative Body Membership Grant.


For comments or inquiries about educational matters, or if you are you interested in a position in the PC, you can contact the secretary of the programme committees ( Do you want to contact the student members directly? Send your email to