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Programme Committee MSc's Accountancy and Control and Finance

The Programme Committee (PC) for MSc Accountancy and Control and MSc Finance (PC MScs AC&F), monitors the quality of education in the programmes MSc Accountancy and Control and MSc Finance and advises on improvements.

Information and members

  • Aim

    In essence, the programme committee isses recommendations on the design of the curriculum, standards in education, as well as policy choices in both programmes. The committee primarily issues recommendations to the Programme Directors, but sometimes also the Education Directors and occasionally the Dean of the Faculty. On some matters, it has to give explicit consent.

  • Themes and topics

    The committee meets at least 6 times a year to discuss various topics, primarily concerning the level and quality of education. Its main objective is to monitor the quality of teaching via student evaluations.

    The committee further checks and advises on the developments in the curricula, the clarity, consistency and fairness of the Rules and Regulations of both programmes, the process around exams and so on. 

  • Members

    To ensure balance and diversity in specialization, the committee consists of 3 students enrolled in either programme and 3  staff members that teach in the programmes.

    Staff members

    Dr. J.E. (Jeroen) Ligterink


    Prof. dr. V.S. (Victor) Maas

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Section Accounting

    Dr. T. (Torsten) Jochem

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Sectie Finance

    Student members

    • Felien Karsten (vice chair)
    • David Mei
    • Bart Cohen