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Extra resit

The faculty of Economics and Business organizes an extra resit annually for students who have not been able to pass the regular exams of the last course of their study programme. If you expect to be eligible for the extra resit, please read the information below carefully to make sure that you meet all the requirements. In addition, a student may be eligible for an extra resit of an online examination that could not be taken due to a technical failure. Conditions also apply to this repair exam.

Requirements for an extra resit

  • Whom is this extra resit for?

    An extra resit can only be granted once for the last course of the programme to students who are registered for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at UvA Economics and Business, as well as to students enrolled in an Economics and Business major. Pre-Master’s, minor, guest- and contract education (CEB) students are not eligible for an extra resit.

  • Conditions for taking the extra resit

    Bachelor’s and Master’s students of EB may take an extra resit in August provided the following conditions are met:

    • the course is offered by EB

    • the student has successfully completed all courses, except one, of the programme. Repair exams are not taken into consideration. It is therefore possible to request a repair exam for one course (see the conditions below) and an extra exam for another course (which is the last course before graduation).

    • the thesis must be completed no later than the first opportunity of academic year 2020-2021

    • the student has used both exam opportunities in the current academic year

    • a mark of at least 5.0 has been obtained for one of the abovementioned examinations.

  • When should the request be submitted?

    If you meet all the criteria as stated out above, you may submit a request for an extra resit. Please wait until all results (including resit results) for the second semester are registered in SIS before submitting your request, but no later than 21 July 2021. If you did not yet receive all your results of the resits or your thesis yet at at that time, hand in your request at this date at the latest while you wait on your last results. Requests that are submitted after 21 July 2020 cannot be taken into consideration.

Conditions for a repair exam of an online examination which could not be taken due to a technical problem

  • Coditions for taking the repair exam

    A student who was unable to take an online examination due to a technical problem may be eligible for a repair exam if the following conditions are and will be met:

    • The student participated in the regular examination opportunity and the resit;
    • By not being able to pass the (re)examination, the student incurs a study delay;
    • The UvA communicated about the technical problems, or the student reported the technical malfunction during the exam (from this condition may only be deviated if the student can proof that he was unable to report the malfunction during the exam);
    • The technical malfunction is not attributable to the student.

    If you meet the above conditions, you can submit a request for a repair exam. The request can only be submitted after all results of the regular resits of the second semester are known, but no later than 21 July 2021. If you think you are eligible for one or more repair exam(s), but not all your grades are in by 21 July, please do submit your request before that date. Requests that are submitted after 21 July 2021 cannot be taken into consideration.  A link to submit your request will be posted on this page.

  • When will the repair exam be organised?

    The repair exams will be offered on 24 and 26 August 2021. After approval of your request, the exact exam date, time and location will be communicated. If the corona measures allow it, the repair exam will take place at the faculty. If you are unable to attend due to travel restrictions as a result of the corona crisis, please include this in your request. In that case, the examinations board will consider whether the exam can be taken online.