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Extra resit

Extra resit

The faculty of Economics and Business organizes an extra resit annually for students who have not been able to pass the regular exams of the last course of their study programme. If you expect to be eligible for the extra resit, please read the information below carefully to make sure that you meet all the requirements. Due to the coronacrisis the criteria have been loosened for academic year 2019-2020.

Requirements for an extra resit

  • Whom is this extra resit for?

    An extra resit can only be granted once for the last course of the programme to students who are registered for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at UvA Economics and Business, as well as to students enrolled in an Economics and Business major. Pre-Master’s, minor, guest- and contract education (CEB) students are not eligible for an extra resit.

  • New criteria for 2019-2020 due to the coronacrisis

    We understand that, as a result of the coronacrisis, it is difficult to study optimally. That is why it has been decided to relax the conditions for the extra resit for the academic year 2019-2020. You are now allowed to take the extra resit if you hand in and pass your thesis at the last thesis deadline of 2019-2020. And you only have to have attempted one regular exam, instead of two for the course this academic year. Below you will find the new regulations.

    To be eligible for the extra resit opportunity on 25 August, you must meet all the following conditions at the moment of submitting the request:

    1.  The course is taught at the UvA Economics & Business faculty;
    2. You have passed all of the courses of the study programme (including the thesis) except one; You are allowed to hand in and pass your thesis at the last thesis deadline in academic year 2019-2020. This means that it’s okay if you receive the result of your thesis after you take the extra resit and not before you take the extra resit, as it normally is. In that case, your grade for the extra resit will be registered in SIS after your passing grade for the thesis is registered.
    3. You have attempted at least one (and not two, as it normally is) attempt of the regular exams for the course you are taking the resit for in this academic year; 
    4. You obtained at least a 5.0 for the above mentioned attempt. Only the grade that is registered in SIS will be taken into consideration.

    The extra resit will take place at the faculty. If you are unable to attend the resit due to travel restrictions due to the corona crisis, please include this in your request for attending the extra resit. In that case it will be examined if the exam can take place online.

  • When should the request be submitted?

    If you meet all the criteria as stated out above, you may submit a request for an extra resit. Please wait until all results (including resit results) for the second semester are registered in SIS before submitting your request, but no later than 22 July 2020. If you did not yet receive all your results of the resits or your thesis yet at at that time, hand in your request at this date at the latest while you wait on your last results. Requests that are submitted after 22 july 2020 cannot be taken into consideration.