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Step-by-step guide for reimbursement

See the steps below regarding eligibility for reimbursement.

Step 1: Orientation

Look at the website of the INTT to verify whether you would like to take the course and if you are able to combine the course load with your study programme and other obligations.

Step 2: Apply for 100% reimbursement

Apply for the reimbursement via the digital application form. Please keep in mind that you will receive the 100% reimbursement after you pass the exam of the selected language course. This means that you initially need to pay the course fee yourself. We will let you know if you are eligible for the reimbursement within 10 working days. Please note, only one course per student will be reimbursed.

Step 3: Apply for the Dutch language course

Apply for the Dutch language course via the website of the INTT. Please take into account the application deadline as stated on the website of the INTT.

Step 4: Take the Dutch language course

Take the Dutch language course. In order to be eligible for the reimbursement, you need to pass the final exam of the course.

If you are selected for reimbursement:

Step 5: The Education Desk will verify if you passed the course

If you were selected for reimbursement, the Education Desk will contact the INTT at the end of the Dutch language course to verify that you passed the course.

Step 6: Reimbursement by UvA Economics and Business

If you passed the Dutch language course, the Education Desk will send you a confirmation email about the reimbursement. The reimbursement itself will be deposited in your bank account no later than 6 weeks after you received the confirmation email.