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Course registration

Maximum number of ECTS credits

We recommend following no more than 30 ECTS worth of courses per semester. This is equivalent to a study load of 40 hours per week. You may register for a maximum of 42 ECTS per semester.

Registered > 42 ECTS credits

You are allowed to register for a total of 42 ECTS per semester, including Honours courses (if you're an Honours student). If you register for more than 42 ECTS in a semester you will receive a warning per e-mail. If you have registered for more than 42 ECTS by the time the course registration period closes, the surplus courses you registered for will automatically be cancelled.

An exception is made for students in a double study programme. 

In semester 1 there are two course registration periods for master students. When registering for Master’s courses, period 1 will be checked to verify registration for a maximum of 18 ECTS and period 2 for registration for 24 ECTS.