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FAQ course registration

Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers about course registration and the corresponding answers.

Is your question not answered? Please contact the Education Desk.

Before registration

  • Why should I register for courses?
    • In order to follow lectures and tutorials you need to register for courses during the registration periods. When you register in time it is guaranteed that you can take the mandatory courses that are part of your programme.
    • If you participate in midterm exams, end of term exams and resits without having registered for the course in question, no grade will be registered.
  • For which courses should I/should I not register?

    The courses for which you need to register depends on your year of study. 

    • First-year's Bachelor's students: you are registered for all courses of your first year of study by the Student Administration.
    • Second- and third-year's Bachelor's students, elective students and minor students: you register for courses yourself for a whole semester (3 periods). Keep in mind the following: 
      • Register for all Bachelor's courses in semester 1, including courses that you need to retake. You can deregister during the summer for courses that you manage to pass in the meantime.
      • Taking electives for the next year of study? Look under 'Electives' in the Course Catalogue for your degree programme for more information about possible electives and admission requirements. Certain electives are offered on a firstcome, first-served basis. This is clearly indicated in the academic plan. Be considerate towards your fellow students and do not register for too many electives. You can always swap or add electives later, provided there are places available.
      • Look carefully under 'Transitional arrangement' in the Course Catalogue for any replacement courses for your curriculum.
      • Register your specialisation if applicable.
    1. Pre-Master’s students: you are registered for all courses of your Pre-Master’s programme by the Student Administration. When starting your Master's you need to register for courses yourself.
    2. Master's students who have taken Bachelor’s, Pre-Master’s  or Master’s courses at UvA EB before: you register for courses of period 1, period 2 - 3, and semester 2 in separate course registration periods.
    3. New Master's students (i.e. never took courses at UvA EB): you are registered for period 1 courses by the Student Administration. For courses of period 2 - 3 and semester 2 you register yourself in separate course registration periods.

    > More information: Course registration periods

  • I do not meet the entry requirements (yet), what should I do?
    • If you do not yet meet the entry requirements of a course yet, but you are able to meet these before the start of the course, then just register for the course. In that case, you will have a conditional registration.
    • If after the course registration period it turns out that you do not meet the entry requirements, please contact the Education Desk to look for an alternative.
    • If you do not meet the course-specific entry requirements, but you can demonstrate that you have obtained the required prerequisite knowledge through courses outside UvA Economics and Business, you may want to request dispensation for the entry requirements with the Board of Examiners.

    > More information: Entry requirements

  • Do I need to register for exams and/or resits?
    • No, a registration for a course automatically gives you permission to do the (midterm) exams and the resit within one academic year.
    • In case you want to retake the course in another period, you have to register for the tutorial of that period separately.

    > More information: Exams/resits

  • Is it possible that my courses have lectures, tutorials or exams that take place at the same time?

    Yes this is possible. It is important to make sure that your courses have no overlap in the timetable. Therefore you have to check for the entire semester that the courses chosen by you, have no tutorials, lectures or exams at the same time. You can do so by adding the courses to the timetable website and comparing the lecture and exam dates and times.

    The university only makes sure that mandatory courses in the same study year or the year before have no overlap, the rest is up to you.

    The timetable for semester 1 of the academic year 2020-2021 will be published in phases corresponding to the times when you register for tutorials.

During registration

  • I am unable to find a course. What could be wrong?
    • Check in the UvA Course Catalogue if the specific course is offered this semester. If you cannot find the course here, it is possible that the study programme has changed. More information: Changes in the academic year. If this is not the case, please contact the Education Desk before the course registration closes.
    • Check the filter settings in your Planner. 
  • There are no available spots in the tutorials (WG) of a course. What should I do?

    During the phase 2 and 3 of the course registration we closely monitor the tutorials and expand the capacity when possible. The following is applicable:

    1. Compulsory course: try it again at a later moment or, if available, register for the waiting list (WL) of the course. The Student Administration will place you in a tutorial before the start of the period. A registration for the waiting list guarantees that you will be able to take the course.
    2. Elective: choose another elective.
  • Will you increase the capacity of courses now that all of the education for semester 1 will be online?

    Unfortunately, this will not be the case. The group sizes have been made with careful consideration between the demand and what is realistic. We think it's important that there is still enough space for interaction between participants and that the course has to remian manageable for the teacher. Group sizes have been determined taking into consideration these factors and larger groups are deemed not feasible. 

  • Where can I find the schedule of the different tutorials?

    The timetable for period 1 of semester 1 2020-2021 will be published in the beginning of July. The timetable for period 2 and 3 will be published after the start of the academic year, most likely the second half of September.

    • At in the tab ‘Planner’ you can add your courses to the timetable website via the button ‘Open Timetable’.
    • On the timetable website you can check your timetable. At the right side of the page you can refine your schedule by selecting the relevant activities via the arrow behind each course using the option ‘Filter activities ’.
    • In this way you can create a schedule without overlap before completing your course registration in the Planner via the button ‘Register’.
  • Is it possible to register again for a course that I already passed?

    Yes, it is possible to retake a passed course. However, please keep in mind that this counts as an examination attempt. Therefore it is important to deregister in time if you decide not to take a course, otherwise you will receive a NA (the Dutch abbreviation for ‘non-attendance’).

  • How can I register for or change my specialisation/ track?
    • You can register or change your specialisation via by clicking on the specialisation/track of your choice and registering on the ‘Waiting List (WL)’. The Student Administration will process your choice and inform you when this is done.
    • This can be done during the academic year, but preferably during the course registration period of the first semester of the new academic year.
    • Please note that you also have to register for the courses of your specialisation.

After registration

  • What will happen if I am registered for a course I do not take and/or already passed?
    • If you fail to cancel your registration in time for a course that you do not intend to take, you will receive a NA (non-attendance) registration in SIS, which does not count as an examination attempt. Please make sure you withdraw your registration at no later than the Monday of the second week of classes of the period in question.
    • A registered NA does not count as an examination attempt. A NA registration is not a result, but it will overwrite a possible previous grade. 
    • Registration of a NA has no consequences for graduation with distinction (Cum Laude). 

    > More information: Cum Laude