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Course registration

UvA Economics and Business

Each semester you register for courses. You can't participate in courses without a course registration. On this page you will find the dates for the upcoming course registration period at UvA Economics and Business, a useful step-by-step guide to help you register, and explainer videos.

Course Registration for 2022-2023:

Bachelor's: Tuesday 14 June 8:00 - Friday 24 June 13:00

Master's: Monday 13 June 10:00 - Friday 24 June 13:00 (via GLASS). This is only for courses in period 1. 

An overview of course registration periods for all other faculties at the UvA can be found here

  • Step-by-step guide to course registration

    Before the start of the course registration, there are some preparations you can do. This will save you time during the course registration. Take a look at these useful videos that explain in detail how the course registration works: 

    The steps are described below:

    Step 1: Select your courses

    You will find the programme of your study in the course catalogue. Go to the Course Catalogue, find your degree programme and select the courses you want to follow.

    Step 2: Add your chosen courses to the Planner

    Go to, select the correct academic year, find your courses and click on ‘Add course’.

    Step 3: Check your timetable and select your preferred tutorials

    Make sure to avoid overlap in tutorials, lectures and exams. Watch the video for a detailed explaination about creating your timetable. 

    During course registration

    Step 4: Complete the course registration

    As soon as the course registration opens: Go to the Planner tab, check the boxes for the tutorials (WG) you wish to follow, click on ‘Register’, then click on ‘OK’. Do you see your courses in the ‘Overview of Registrations’ tab? Your registration was succesful!

  • Filtering and saving your timetable

    To create and view your personal timetable, you follow these steps:

    1. Go to and log in with your UvANet ID.
    2. Add your courses via the option ‘Add timetable’.
    3. On the right side of the page, use the option ‘Filter activities’ to refine your schedule by selecting the relevant activities, such as exams, tutorial groups, and lectures.
    4. After you have done this for all courses, your personal schedule will be visible.
    5. You can synchronise your personal timetable with your mobile phone by clicking on the ‘link calendar’ button (icon featuring two arrows). This will ensure that your own timetable always remains up to date in the event of there being any timetable changes.
  • Deregistering from courses
    • You can deregister from your courses via Go to the tab ‘Overview of Registrations’, select the course, click on ‘Deregister’, then click on ‘OK’. You can deregister for courses up until the end of the first week of classes in the new period.
    • Deregister for courses that you don’t want to attend. If you have a course registration and you don’t attend the course, you will receive a NA registration (‘non-attendance’). The NA is not a grade and therefore will not appear on your transcript, but it can override a previously obtained grade for the same course. In addition, when you don’t attend a course and don’t deregister for it, you are also taking the spot from another student who would like to participate in that course.
  • New at UvA Economics and Business

    Are you starting a progamme at UvA Economics and Business for the first time? Then you do not have to register for courses youself. The Student Administration will take care of your course registration.

    As of year two (Bachelor) or as of semester two (Master) you are responsible for your course registration. Also register for first-year courses that you must retake.