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Accreditations UvA Economics and Business

All Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programmes in Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam (UvA EB) have been accredited by the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO, the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation). This means that the programmes meet the high quality standards required by Dutch law.

Furthermore, UvA is very proud to be Triple Accreditated by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, three international accreditation organisations. Less than 1% of all business schools worldwide  have obtained a Triple Crown Accreditation. 
Finally, the UvA has passed the NVAO Institutional Audit in 2018 with great success. This means all quality assurance processes at the UvA are in order.

  • NVAO accreditation

    In order to be eligible for NVAO accreditation, all UvA programmes are inspected once every six years. To enable such inspections, the programme needs to write a self-assessment, in which the following questions are addressed: 

    1. what is the programme’s objective?
    2. how does the programme effectuate this?
    3. are the objectives achieved?

    After drawing up the self-assessment, the programme is visited by a visitation committee which, on the basis of the self-assessment and various talks (with the management, lecturers, teachers, students and alumni of the programme), judges whether the programme meets all requirements. If the committee’s judgement is positive, the programme is accredited by NVAO for a period of six years.

  • NVAO Institutional Audit University of Amsterdam

    The UvA itself is also assessed by the NVAO once every six years, by means of an inspection of the institution as a whole: the NVAO Institutional Audit. During this institution inspection it is checked whether all quality assurance processes at the UvA are in order. The central question posed during the institution inspection reads as follows: Is the UvA Board of Governors in control where education and the processes surrounding education are concerned? This is checked by the NVAO in the same way as applies to the programme inspections. The UvA needs to write a self-assessment, following which a committee will visit the UvA. The UvA has passed the NVAO Institutional Audit in 2018 with great success.

  • International accreditations

    Because of the internationalisation in higher education, international accreditations as AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, are very important for schools in Economics and Business. UvA Economics and Business holds the EQUIS accreditation since 2007 and the AACSB and AMBA accreditations since 2016. Due to the accrediations of last year combined with the EQUIS accreditation in 2007 the UvA Economics and Business is now a proud bearer of the Triple Crown Accreditation. After all, UvA Economics and Business wants to compare favourably with foreign universities. Apart from that, because of the international accreditations foreign students get a better idea of the quality of the Economics and Business programmes at the UvA. It is precisely because of the international accreditations that foreign students who are orientating themselves for a programme presented at UvA Economics and Business can see that international standards as to quality are met. That way, UvA Economics and Business is in a position to attract excellent foreign students.

    Also because of the international accreditations, the UvA Economics and Business can employ high-quality foreign lecturers. International accreditations ensure that the quality of the education as well as that of the research and the organisation around them continually improves. Finally, international accreditations also act as a driver for innovation. After all, during the international accreditation inspections all aspects of UvA Economics and Business are critically reviewed, as a result of which the UvA Economics and Business is assumed to continuously improve the quality of its education and research.

More information

Further information about accreditations can be obtained from the project manager accreditations at UvA Economics and Business, Mr Maurice Oudejans.

Drs. M. (Maurice) Oudejans

Faculty of Economics and Business