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Contact Information, Advising Hours and Appointments

Welcome! Great that you are reaching out to the Study Advisers as we are here to help you navigate your studies.

Phone-in Advising Hours

Call during our Phone-in Advising Hours for brief answers to your questions. If you would prefer a more in-depth talk, please book an online appointment.

From Monday 12 July until 20 August you can reach us only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 020-525 4138::

  • 09:00-10:00
  • 14:00-15:00

If you need to speak with someone regarding an urgent matter outside our advising hours, please contact the Education Desk.

Online Question Form

We are available to answer short questions concerning your studies via the Digital Student Service Desk. We will respond to you by e-mail as soon as possible. Please always check your spambox!

Please notice: Questions that can be better answered by a department other than Study Advice are automatically forwarded to the relevant department based on the category you click on.

Online appointment with a Study Adviser

Book a 30 minute online appointment with a Study Adviser for an in-depth answer to your question. You will receive a Zoom link for your appointment in the confirmation email.

On Campus appointment with a Study Adviser

Book a 30 minute on campus appointment with a Study Adviser for an in-depth answer to your question. A few minutes before the start of your appointment, please report to the reception in the lobby of the E building. The receptionist will notify the Study Adviser that you have arrived and the Study Adviser will come and pick you up.

Online appointment with the Thesis Coach

*The thesis coach is not available until August 16. Please contact the study advisers if you have questions regarding your thesis progress.*

You can schedule a Zoom appointment with the thesis coach Eveline Dekkers. In the confirmation email you will find the link to the Zoom address of the thesis coach.

Also check the Thesis Writing Support website with information on 'Getting started', 'Writing', 'Overcoming Obstacles' and 'Thesis Writing Support UvA EB'. 

Website Study Advisers

What supports and resources do the Study Advisers offer? Check out our website for more information.