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Education 2021-2022

UvA Economics and Business

Education on campus with on-campus and online course components with a focus on active learning.

Only the basic rules of the government still apply, all other corona measures have been lifted.
Self-testing and the quarantine-check remain important. (Last update: 6 April 2022)

Period 5 and 6

Since classes take place on site again, make sure to come to the campus. This is important as it makes it easier to be in touch with your fellow students and lecturers. As experiences have shown, this is essential for the well-being of students and the quality of education. 

If a course for certain reasons will be taught hybrid, so partially on campus and partially online, your lecturer will inform you on your course’s Canvas page.

Answers to frequently asked questions

With corona measures lifted, there will be fewer and fewer additional corona related questions with answers for UvA Economics and Business (EB).

Building on active learning

At UvA EB, we are continuing to work on activating learning, in which students actively work with the material in order to understand the matter, acquire knowledge and apply it to develop analytical and critical skills.

In teaching, a lot of attention and space is given to interaction, feedback and group-work on-campus. The optimal mix of on-campus and online learning activities will be incorporated with the use of blended learning.