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Proctorio pre-checks

When the exam begins you first need to do Proctorio pre-checks. These are the three checks: 

1. a system diagnostics test  

  • you check if your Internet, microphone and webcam are working.  
  • you check the quality of your lighting during the webcam image test

2. an identification check 

Make sure to have your student ID card* ready. 

*A student ID card is mandatory during all (interim) exams. So please do request your student ID card if you do not yet have one. If you live abroad and do not have a student ID card, or you do not have a student ID card yet for another reason, then you can use an alternative form of identity document. In such cases, it is important for you to cover your identification number and signature (with tape or just by putting your finger over these) to protect your privacy. 

3. a desk scan and showing the permitted materials you will use

  • At the beginning of the examination, slowly move your webcam (during the desk scan) to clearly show your entire desk and the aids you are going to use during the examination. A scan of your entire room is not necessary. 
  • If other aids are permitted, they must be kept in view for five seconds at the beginning of the examination 

How you do this:  

• Pick up your laptop or webcam.  

• Point it away from you, holding it about one meter from the right or left edge of your desk.  

• Very slowly, film the desk from one edge to the other, taking at least 15 seconds. 

 • Sit down again and film your own view to film what is behind your laptop/desktop computer.  

• Show your scrap paper (if you are using any) by holding it up to the camera one by one on both sides for at least five seconds each side. Your scrap paper should be blank.  

• Hold all other permitted materials to the camera one by one as well, for at least five seconds each.