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Get ready for the online exam

In order to start your exam on time, get ready approximately 60 minutes before your exam is scheduled. Be on time and start with following the checks as described below. If you are more than ten minutes late for your examination (i.e. starting work on it), it will not be marked and thus will be invalid, even if you are still able to continue working on the exam. 

Be prepared for the exam. Do the checks.

Check the light quality of your room 

• Ensure that the lighting in the room is bright enough to be considered ‘daylight’ quality.  

• Overhead lighting is preferred.  

• The light source may not come from behind. You can check the quality of your lighting during the webcam image test of the pre-checks (see Step 5) and adjust it if needed. 

Check the surrounding area  

• Clear all surfaces, walls, ceiling, etc. to prove that no cheat sheets are being used.  

• Make sure that no forbidden examination aids are present in the room.  

• Prevent any disturbance during the exam (e.g. warn your roommates, put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign, disable notifications, put pets in a closed room, etc.) . 

• Ensure you are alone and the room is as quiet as possible. (Music or television sounds are not permitted.) 

Check your desk  

• Clear your desk of everything other than:  

- your student ID card or, if you do not have a student ID card yet, an official identity card or passport (see Step 5);  

- aids indicated by your course coordinator;  

- blank (scrap) paper and writing tools;  

- foam earplugs that clearly do not resemble an in-ear receiver;  

- a small snack and drink.  

• If instructed to upload handwritten answers: switch your phone to flight mode and place it facedown (screen on table).  

Check your laptop/desktop computer  

• Close all unnecessary software and websites and switch off external pop-ups and notifications, so you will not be disturbed or flagged as suspicious by Proctorio.  

Bathroom visits  

• Use the bathroom in advance. This is not allowed during the exam.