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FAQ exams and resits

Here you can find frequently asked questions about exams and resits and their corresponding answers.

Is your question not answered? Please contact the Education Desk.

Before and during the examination

  • I have an overlap between two examinations. What should I do?

    When examinations are being scheduled, measures will be taken to ensure that midterms and finals of mandatory courses from the same academic year, the year before and the year after will not overlap. If you find an overlap, please contact the Education Desk.

    There could be an overlap between examinations for electives and resits of courses from different academic years. This cannot be changed on request. You can contact a study adviser to help you with the choices regarding the exams.

  • I do not have my student ID card (yet). What should I do?

    A student ID card is mandatory during all (interim) exams. So please do request your student ID card if you do not yet have one. If you live abroad and do not have a student ID card, then you can use an alternative form of identity document. In such cases, it is important for you to cover your identification number and signature (with tape or just by putting your finger over these) to protect your privacy.

After the examination

  • My grade of from a previous examination has still not been announced. However, I need the grade in order to meet the entry requirements of a course that is about to start. What should I do?

    Course registration

    If you do not meet the entry requirements during the course registration period, but you can meet the requirements before the start of the course , then register yourself for the course. The rule is: you have to meet the entry requirements for the course before the start of the course.

    At the start of the course with an entry requirement

    [Course X = course that is the entry requirement, course Y = the course that has an entry requirement]

    If you take the exam of course X in the week before the start of course Y, then the result will not be available on time. In this case, you can start course Y conditionally, but you will be deregistered from the course when you do not pass course X. It is your own responsibility to assess if you passed course X.

  • I missed an exam. What should I do?

    In case you missed your exam, due to illness or because of another reason, you can take the resit. You will automatically be registered for it.

    Please note: You will not get another resit opportunity.