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UvA Q - Teaching evaluations

Teaching evaluations

If you are studying at the UvA, you will frequently be asked to evaluate the teaching. We will ask you to fill in printed or digital forms to give us your views on all manner of aspects relating to the study programmes you have followed. The UvA needs this information to maintain teaching quality and improve it where possible.

UvA Q is the method used throughout the University to evaluate teaching. There are UvA Q evaluations for courses and for degree programmes. While the course evaluations are focused on e.g. attributes of courses and lecturers, the degree programme evaluations aim to evaluate attributes that transcend the quality of separate courses. These include overlap in the content of courses, ordering of courses or the absence of desired content. In both evaluations, a lot of attention is spent on students’ learning outcomes. That is what studying is all about, after all. 

Your opinion is important 

The results of the evaluations provide lecturers with information that they can use to improve their skills and their teaching. In addition, the results enable the Boards of Studies to identify differences in appraisal and ratings and take appropriate action, while Schools and Colleges can use the information to steer performance on the basis of teaching quality. The whole process leads to improvements in quality. The students who take the courses after you will benefit from this, just as every student benefits from the feedback provided by previous student groups.