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Changing your enrolment

Want to make changes to your enrolment? Check the information below to see whether you are eligible and how to change your enrolment.

All changes to your enrolment need to be requested through Studielink.

From full-time to part-time

Conditions: the degree programme must be offered in a part-time variant.
Consequences: as a part-time student you are not eligible for student grants and/or loans, nor for a student public transport pass. Furthermore, part-time students are not eligible for a residence permit for study purposes.

From part-time to full-time

Conditions: the degree programme must be offered in a full-time variant.
Consequences: your tuition fee will be higher. You will have to transfer the difference or extend the limit on your previous direct debit authorisation. If you qualify for students grants/loans, you can apply for this at the Dutch Education Executive Agency (DUO).

Note: if you change your degree programme variant (full-time to part-time of vice versa), you first need to end your current enrolment in Studielink before you submit a new enrolment request for the same degree programme.

From Bachelor's to Master's

Conditions: you require a Bachelor's degree and/or an original statement of admission to the Master's programme from the faculty concerned. Your programme coordinator can tell you whether you need a statement of admission for your Master's or pre-Master's programme. Please use the list of Master's programmes to find more information about the admission procedures, including application deadlines.

Additional study programme

Conditions: admission to any study programme depends on your prior education. If your application is received after 1 September, you will need written permission for late enrolment from the student adviser of the programme concerned. Submit this document with your application. You are advised to first contact the student adviser for the additional programme in order to find out when you can apply.

Please note that if you wish to enrol for an additional programme at another higher education institution, you must follow their institutional enrolment procedures. You do not need to pay any additional tuition fees if you have already paid the statutory tuition fee for your programme at the UvA. In this case, request a tuition fee payment receipt from the Student Service Desk.

Generally speaking, you will need to return your student ID card if you make any changes in your enrolment.

Any questions?

For enrolment changes not mentioned here, or if you are unsure about how to proceed, please contact the Central Student Service Desk or see if you can find your answer in the FAQ's.