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Getting started with OneDrive

You can use OneDrive immediately if you wish, by logging into with your UvA account and opening OneDrive. Below you will find instructions on how to use OneDrive.

  • 1. Accessing OneDrive

    OneDrive can be accessed in several ways:

    1. Via a browser: login with your UvA mail address at Click here for more information.
    2. On Windows via the explorer:
      1. OneDrive client is available on all UvA computers for students. After logging into OneDrive, your personal files are available in Windows Explorer.
      2. You can also install OneDrive on your own computer. Click here for the installation instructions.
    3. On the Mac via Finder, install the OneDrive sync client for Mac. You can find the installation instructions for Mac here.
    4. With the OneDrive app on your mobile phone or tablet:
      1. Link  to the Android app .
      2. Link  to the iOS app .
  • 2. Starting to use OneDrive

    You can bring all your personal documents together on OneDrive. These files can come from various sources, such as your W: drive, SurfDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, iCloud and/or USB stick.

    Uploading files on OneDrive can be done through the explorer or through the browser.

    Please keep in mind the following:

    1. The total number of characters of the directory tree and the file name should not exceed 260 characters.
    2. The characters " * : < > ? / are not allowed in file and folder names in OneDrive.
    3. These names are not allowed for files or folders: .lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM0 - COM9, LPT0 - LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini, a file name that starts with ~$. You cannot create directories and files that start with ~.
    4. The maximum size of a file is 250 GB.
  • 3. Sharing and collaborating in documents

    Once your documents are in OneDrive, you can choose to share them with fellow students, lecturers and/or external parties. This way, you can have a document reviewed or work together in the same document (at the same time). Sharing a document prevents sending it back and forth by e-mail. By sharing, everyone always has access to the latest version and changes are processed immediately.

    Please find the manual on how to share a document here.

  • 4. General info and video tutorials

    Microsoft has a website where you can watch video tutorials on working with OneDrive. You can find these videos here .