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Formal procedure

When the informal route does not lead to a solution, a formal procedure may provide a result. To initiate a formal procedure, you can file a complaint, an objection or an appeal. The study adviser or student counsellor can advise you on this. The period within which you can file an objection or appeal is six weeks from the date on which a decision was issued.


A complaint relates to conduct towards you. You cannot submit a complaint against a general rule.

Undesirable behaviour

If you have been subjected to undesirable behaviour such as sexual harassment, aggression, stalking, violence or discrimination, you can approach a confidential adviser. Every faculty has one and you can contact any of the University’s confidential advisers, not just that of your own faculty.

Complaints Committee

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled, you can submit a complaint to the Complaints Committee of the University of Amsterdam.

  • M.B. de Witte-van den Haak (chair)
  • V. Arnaiz Rivas (deputy member representing the COR)
  • M. Spiering (member representing the CvB)
  • R. Wilders (deputy member representing the CvB)
  • I. Ince (member representing the CSR)
  • O.D. Stringer (depute member representing the CSR)


An objection relates to a decision that the Executive Board has taken against you, for example concerning registration, tuition fees or a financial arrangement. The period within which you can file an objection is six weeks from the date on which a decision was issued. The Arbitration Committee for Student Objections will consider the case and recommend that the Executive Board either uphold the decision or take a different decision.


If you do not agree with a decision taken by an examiner or the Examinations Board of your degree programme (for example regarding the sequence, approval, marking or resits of courses, practical training, examinations or papers), you may file an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board (COBEX). The deadline for filing an appeal is six weeks from the date on which a decision you are appealing was issued. If you are thinking of filing an appeal with COBEX, it is advisable to contact the relevant Examinations Board as soon as possible.

How do I submit a complaint, objection or appeal?

Submitting a complaint, objection or appeal takes place via the digital service desk. Follow these steps:

  1. If you have a UvA-net ID, use the form for UvA students and log in with your student ID number and password. If you do not yet have a UvA-net ID, use the form for people who are not yet, or no longer, students at the UvA.  Your browser settings determine which language the form will be in (Dutch or English).
  2. Choose the form you wish to complete: the form for complaints or the form for objections/appeals.
  3. The form needs to be completed in one sitting and cannot be saved for later completion. However, you may attach documents and submit extra information at a later stage.
  4. As soon as your complaint, objection or appeal has been submitted, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt by email. More information about the follow-up procedure is provided in this email.

More information

  • Students’ Charter. If you wish to start legal proceedings, your student adviser or a student counsellor can advise you and refer you on.
  • Student Service Desk, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 or by telephone: +31 (0)20 525 1401

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