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Complaints, objections and appeals

Complaints, objections and appeals

A wide range of rules, regulations and laws are applicable to students. If you feel that you have been adversely affected by a decision taken on the basis of one of these regulations, or that you have not been treated properly by a UvA staff member, there is something you can do about it.

Informal procedure

Talking to the person(s) concerned is a first step and can often lead to a solution. A study adviser or student counsellor can probably help you with this. You can also discuss with them whether it is worthwhile to start formal proceedings. Find out which informal steps you can take when, for example:

  • you have a complaint about your study programme or a specific course
  • you do not agree with a decision of an examiner, Examinations Board or the Executive Board
  • you have experienced undesirable behaviour.


With deadlines in mind, it may be advisable to submit a provisional notice of objection or appeal against a decision even if you are still in discussion with the persons concerned. In your objection, you can state that further details about your reasons will follow. If your discussions produce a favourable result, you can withdraw the objection or appeal. An objection or appeal must be submitted within six weeks of the date on which a decision was issued.

Formal procedure

If the informal route is unsuccessful, a formal procedure may help. The period within which you can file an objection or appeal is six weeks from the date on which a decision was issued. You can:

  • file a complaint regarding conduct towards you
  • object to a decision of the Executive Board
  • appeal against a decision of an examiner or the Examinations Board


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