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Planning BA Year 2 and 3 - CS

How do you plan your 2nd and 3rd year of your Bachelor's? On this page you find an overview of frequently asked questions about this topic. Read this page carefully before you contact the study advisers with any questions you may have.

Example of the 3-year schedule of the Communication Science programme

Frequently asked questions

Overall planning & course registration

  • How do I plan my semesters?

    This has been discussed extensively in the AST classes in year 1. First look back at this information on your AST Canvas page, to the schedule and to the information videos about planning Years 2 and 3. If you still have questions after having found this information, contact the study advisers.  

  • I am unable to add courses to my planner. What is wrong?

    Check carefully whether the course registration period has actually already started or check whether everything has been completed correctly (year, semester, faculty etc.) In addition, check whether you are registered for the Communication Science study via (you need to re-active your UvAnetID before the summer course registration). 

  • What if do not meet the entry requirements?

    If you do not meet the entry requirements according to the course description in the study guide, you cannot register for the specific course. In this case you either have to make a different choice or contact the education desk of that specific course.


  • What is an Open UvA Label course?

    An Open UvA course is a course that is open to all UvA students. You can filter this in the left menu in the study guide. Please note: this label is not exclusive, it depends very much on each study programme whether they label their courses that way. It is always good to search the study guide even without this label.

  • Where can I find the schedule for a course?

    The times of lectures, tutorials and exams (and any other teaching activities) for a course can be found on You can search for the course and add it to your timetable. You can also check whether there is any overlap between the courses (and exams) that you want to take.

  • What happens if you fail an elective?

    If you fail an elective, and therefore do not have enough ECs to fill in your elective space, you must either resit the course, or choose a different elective (or extra Topic) in another semester.

Internship and Graduation project

  • Why can’t I see seminars for the Graduation Project course?

    The groups for the Graduation Project course are not planned until we know how many students will participate, how many tutorial groups must be planned, and when they should be scheduled. You will hear this about 3 weeks before the course starts.