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Ombudsstudent and student representation - CS

An Ombudsstudent is an independent point of contact for students of a specific study programme. The College and Graduate School of Communication both have an Ombudsstudent, one for the Bachelor's programme of Communication Science and one for the (pre-)Master's programmes of Communication Science.

  • What is an Ombudsstudent?

    The Communication Science Ombudsstudent is an independent point of contact for Communication Science students. Students can contact the Ombudsstudent with complaints as well as ideas and suggestions for the study programme. The Ombudsstudent either directs the student to the correct person or handles the question with the education institute him- or herself in order to find a solution together with the student in question.

    The Ombudsstudent maintains contact with the Director of Education, the Programme Committee and the Faculty Student Council, among others. 

  • Who are the Ombudsstudents of the College and Graduate School of Communication?

    In the academic year of 2021-2022, we have two Ombudsstudents:

    • Willemijn Pameijer for all Bachelor's students
    • Robin Kuiten for all (pre-)Master's students
    Copyright: Willemijn Pameijer
    Do you have questions, complaints or ideas about the Bachelor's programme? Don't hesitate to contact me! Willemijn Pameijer, Ombudsstudent of the Bachelor's in Communication Science Send an email to Willemijn
    Copyright: Robin Kuiten
    Hello! I'm Robin. If you have any questions about the Communication Science (pre-)Master's, living in Amsterdam, university life, or anything else in between, feel free to send me a message. I'll be more than happy to help! Robin Kuiten, Ombudsstudent of the (pre-)Master's programmes in Communication Science Send an email to Robin
  • Tasks of the Ombudsstudents

    As Ombudsstudents...

    • we handle complaints, problems and other questions of students. Subsequently, we will refer you to the right persons or bring the matter under the attention of the College or Graduate School ourselves. In this way, we can find a solution together with the persons responsible for the matter;
    • we are present during the work meeting of the College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication, where we can address the problems of students, join in on policy discussions and give more insight into what students find important;
    • we are present during the monthly meeting of the Programme Committee (PC) and the 3-monthly meeting of the Board of Studies (BoS), where we think along in making recommendation to the College and Graduate School directors and course coordinators;
    • we organise talks with a student panel after every semester to think about potential changes or improvements in the education. 
  • Student representatives for the Master's programmes

    Besides the Ombudsstudent, the Master's students are represented by student representatives. Student representatives meet with the programme staff in monthly meetings to bring about current issues in their cohort, occasionally give input on intended policy revisions and organise events interesting for Master's students. 

    The student representatives are active in various social media groups and can be approached during and after class. You can also always contact the Ombudsstudent. 

  • Confidentiality

    All matters discussed with the Ombudsstudents will be treated with full confidentiality.

  • Contact

    If you encounter issues and do not know of a direct solution, or if you have complaints about teachers, education or study support, please contact the Ombudsstudents via: