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Minor in Communication Science - CS

Following a minor allows you to gain more knowledge on a certain area of expertise. Several minors are offered within the area of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam.

  • What is a minor?

    A minor is a themed education programme for 30 (or 60) ECTS with which you can deepen your knowledge in a different programme or in an interdisciplinary theme during your Bachelor's. 

    In the course cataleogue you can find an overview of all minors offered by the UvA with the accompanying admission criteria and application dates. 

  • Which minors are offered by Communication Science?

    The College of Communication offers the following 3 minors for non-Communication Science students:

    • Minor of 60 ECTS (for students with no background in social sciences)
    • Minor of 30 ECTS (for all Bachelor's students)
    • HBO Follow-on minor (for HBO/applied sciences students who intend to move on to a Bachelor's in Communication Science at UvA)

    From semester 2 of 2021-2022, the College of Communication will also offer a minor for both Communication Science students and non-Communication Science students, namely:

    • Minor Communication in the Digital Society (30 ECTS)
  • How do you apply for a minor in Communication Science?
    1. Apply according to the instructions in the course catalogue (these can be found under 'Enrolment and admission').
    2. The administrative department will receive your online application. This department will discuss whether you are admissible with the minor coordinator. Subsequently, you will receive a message of the administrative department about your admission.
    3. Apply for the minor courses during the course registration period, even if you have not yet had a message from the administrative department about their decision.
  • HBO Follow-on minor

    The HBO Follow-on minor is a minor for (graduated) HBO-students (applied sciences students) who are interested in following a Master's in Communication Science. You can find more detailed information about the Follow-on minor through the link below. 

  • How do you apply for a minor certificate?

    After completing your minor you can request a minor certificate on which the courses of your progremme are listed. You can request your minor certificate through the link below.