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Tips for planning your internship alongside the courses CC and CE

Alongside your internship, you will follow the courses Communication Consultancy (CC) and Communication Ethics (CE). These courses have been organised so that you can follow them alongside the internship. On this page, we list a few things you have to take into account when doing the internship and following these courses. 

CC and CE

CC and CE have been organised in such a way that you can follow the courses alongside your internship. For example, there will be no weekly workgroup meetings. Instead, each course has two workgroup meetings. You can choose your preferred timeslots yourself during the course registration. Attendance to these workgroups is mandatory. Therefore, during the meetings, you may have to be absent at your internship. It is your own responsibility to arrange this with your internship company supervisor. For both courses, you will not have an exam; instead, you will write a final report/essay assignment. 

Arrangements with your internship company

It is not uncommon that students follow courses alongside their internship, so many companies that regularly offer internships will be aware of this. Nontheless, it is important that you make clear arrangements with your internship company before you commence the internship. This means you will discuss your education schedule and the time you need to follow education and make assignments. 

Following CC and CE from abroad

For students doing their internship abroad, there is the opportunity to follow CC and CE online in a virtual setting. You can also make your assignments from abroad. However, the same attendance requirements apply to students doing an internship abroad. Therefore, it is important to discuss this matter in advance with your internship company. If you would like to follow CC and CE from abroad, please contact the internship coordinator and the study advisers