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Internship during your Bachelor's programme - CS

Learning opportunity

In the final year of the Bachelor’s programme you will do an internship. This internship will give you the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, and apply your academic knowledge in a professional setting. Moreover, the internship will enable you to develop and apply practical skills while using the knowledge you have gained during the programme.

The basics

  • The entry requirement for the internship is 72 ECTS credits from the Bachelor's programme excluding electives but including Introduction to Communication Science and Methods of Communication Research.
  • It is your responsibility to contact organisations and to apply for a position.
  • The internship should be related to the field of communication science.
  • Before you are allowed to start an internship, you have to hand in a short internship proposal. After this proposal has been approved by the internship coordinator, you can start your internship. More information about the procedure can be found in the internship manual.
  • The internship should take at least three months.
  • Conducting research is an important part of the internship: this should take up at least one-third of your working hours.

Animation clip ‘Internship Tips and Tricks’

Watch the animation clip ‘Internship Tips and Tricks’ for a summary of the internship procedures, guidance and learning goals. 

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