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Graduation and requesting a degree certificate

Follow the steps listed below to request your Master’s degree certificate. Also, consult the UvA regulations concerning graduation and degree certificate application.

Step 1: when should you request your degree certificate?

Request your degree certificate when you are finishing up the final module(s) of your master programme. You can also request your degree certificate when visiting the Education Desk to submit your Master’s thesis.

Note: Choose the correct certification (examination) date. This is the date of the last workday of the month in which you have obtained your final grade. The grades are registered in SIS on the date that you took the final exam or uploaded/handed in your final work (for instance your thesis). For example, if your final exam takes place on the 20th of June, you can choose the 30th of June as your graduation date (even when you didn’t receive your grade yet).

In case you have to re-sit your final exam or your thesis, contact the Education Desk to help you change the certification (examination) date. 


Step 2: how should you request your degree certificate?

2.1: Apply for your degree certificate in SIS

  1. Apply for your degree certificate in SIS, even if you didn’t obtain all the required grades yet.
  2. Click on ‘Study advice/Degrees’
  3. Followed by ‘Apply for degree certificate’.


a. Please check in SIS if all the obtained ECTS are present in your study plan. For instance, if you have done courses that are not part of the regular curriculum. Please also check if the extracurricular courses (if any) are transferred to the extracurricular space otherwise they will not appear on your diploma supplement. To rectify this you need to submit a petition. Once your diploma is processed, you cannot request any changes to be made.

b. Choose the correct certification (examination) date. That must be the date of the last workday of the month in which you have obtained your last study results. If you have to re-sit your Master's thesis (or any other course), the Education Desk of Communication Science will help you change the certification date.

c. If you want to graduate on a later date, please choose the certification date of your choice, with 31st August as the very last option because that is when the academic year ends. To avoid any confusion please inform the Education Desk.  

2.2: Fill in the online graduation form.

With this form we ask you to provide information that is required in order to process your degree certificate request. You can also indicate if and when you wish to attend a graduation ceremony.

Step 3: when will you receive your degree certificate?

You can receive your degree certificate during an official graduation ceremony or pick it up at the Education Desk Communication Science. You indicate your choice in the online graduation form.

If you decide to attend a graduation ceremony your will receive an invitation by email. The next graduation ceremony will take place on 19 and 20 May 2022. More information about the specific programme will follow. We are still occupied with evaluating different scenarios and want to try to accomodate students' needs for an on-campus and online ceremony, depending on the Covid-19 regulations that are in place at that time.

Note: you can only attend a certain ceremony when you have requested your certificate and filled in the online graduation form well ahead of time. Your certification date (examination date) needs to be at least 20 workdays prior to the date of the graduation ceremony.

If you do not wish to attend a ceremony, you can collect your degree certificate at the Education Desk Communication Science. You can pick up your certificate within two months of your certification date. You will receive an e-mail once your certificate is ready.

Step 4: when should you terminate your enrolment after requesting your degree certificate?

You must be enrolled at UvA up to and including the certification date (examination date). If you have requested your degree certificate, you can submit a request for termination of enrolment in Studielink with effect from the first day of the month following the certification date. The enrolment termination date that you submit must not precede the certification date. Enter the reason for termination of enrolment in Studielink: diploma received. You will continue to pay tuition fees until your request for a degree certificate has been approved. If applicable, you will receive a refund of any excess tuition fees you have paid.