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Exams and grade registration - CS

Exams and resits

During the academic year, there is an regular exam and a resit for each study component (for some methods courses there will be two resits). Students that did not pass the course during the first exam possibility will be registered by the College for a resit in the same academic year. 

Exam locations, dates and times can be found in the UvA schedule ("rooster"). 

If a student with a pass wants to resit an exam that is also possible. Report this in advance at the Education Desk or at the course coordinator(s) of the course in question (if they have given explicit instructions to do so). You can find the regulations around exams in the Rules and Regulations of the Examinations Board

Exam results

The exam results will be registered in the Student Information System (SIS) of the UvA. You also receive an email with the exam result for every finished course, whenever it has been registered in SIS. Through SIS you can view your exam results. If you need an official (signed) overview of your grades and GPA (for example, for an internship/scholarship/study abroad application), you can request this at the Education Desk.  

Grade system

When administering grades, the grade range 0,1 (lowest grade) until 10,0 (highest grade) is used. A 5,5 is the lowest pass. Grades between 5 and 6 are not administrated. If the unrounded grade is a 5,5 or higher, a 6 will be registered. If the unrounded grade is lower than a 5,5, a 5 or lower will be registered. For the other grade ranges, a maximum of 1 decimal is registered.