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Examinations Board - CS

Examinations Board - CS

Duties and powers of authority of the Examinations Board

The Examinations Board is an independent committee, appointed by the dean of the faculty and responsible for safeguarding the quality of examinations. The duties and powers of authority of the Examinations Board are set out in the WHW (Higher Education and Research Act) and laid down in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) and the Rules and Guidelines for the Examinations Board. They include:

  • making an objective and expert assessment of whether a student has satisfied the criteria for obtaining a degree certificate, as stipulated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • upholding the quality of all examinations;
  • granting exemptions from taking one or more examinations;
  • approving elective courses in Bachelor's and Master's programmes;
  • taking measures in the event of fraud;
  • granting permission to follow a free curriculum;
  • issuing binding advice regarding continuation of studies (BSA) on behalf of the dean;
  • awarding degree certificates and diploma supplements

What can the Examinations Board do to help?

Students can turn to the Examinations Board in the following situations:

  • exemption applications;
  • approval of elective courses;
  • approval of a free Bachelor´s or Master´s curriculum;
  • major/minor combinations;
  • applications for dispensation from entry requirements;
  • complaints relating to examinations
  • other exceptions to the OER

How should you submit a petition?

Petitions to the Examinations Board should be submitted online using the form below. The Examinations Board may require extra documents, such as official copies of certificates or certified copies of lists of marks, depending on the nature of the petition. These extra documents can be sent online or handed in at the Student Desk. 

N.B: petitions will not be processed until you have submitted all the extra documents.

Students in the Erasmus Mundus Master's Journalism, Media and Globalisation can send their petition directly to:

How long do petitions take to be processed?

You will receive a decision on your petition within 6 weeks at the most, starting from the date that you submit the petition and all the necessary documents. This may take longer during academic recess periods.

Composition of the Examinations Board

The Examinations Board of the (Research) Master of Communication Science has the following members:

  • Dr. Stephanie Welten (chair)
  • Dr. Knut De Swert (vice-voorzitter)
  • ​Dr. Jeroen Lemmens
  • Dr. Anke Wonneberger
  • Dr. Penny Sheets Thibaut

The Official Secretary of the Examinations Board is:

  • Mill Hail MSc.

The Examinations Board of Journalism, Media and Globalisation has the following members:

  • Dr. Linda Bos (chair)
  • Dr. Mark Boukes
  • Dr. Teke Ngomba
  • Prof. dr. Mark Deuze

The Official Secretary of the Examinations Board is:

  • Ms. Miriam Schmidt

The following link gives an overview of the composition of all Examination Boards within the University of Amsterdam: