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Choosing a Master's - CS

All programs at the UvA are divided into a bachelor's and a master's part. This structure makes higher education more flexible: you may only need a bachelor's degree for the work you want to do, or you may want to work or travel for a number of years before starting a master's program.

Continue with a master

If you want to follow a full academic program, the option is to choose a master program after the bachelor. The offer is enormous: not only can you choose from the master's offered at the UvA, but also from other universities, at home and abroad. What kind of master this will be, of course, depends largely on your interests and the direction of your Bachelor’s program. You can continue with the disciplinary Master of your Bachelor’s, but you can also opt for one in another direction (if possible).

Do you want to continue in scientific research? Then a research master is ideal for this, these masters are a perfect preparation for a PhD project.

Master's programmes

Research Master's programmes

Other UvA Master's

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How to choose a master?

See our Student Career Center for more tips and information on how to choose a master: