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In 2019 the REC P building at Plantage Muidergracht 24 will be renovated. The classrooms and institutes that were previously housed in REC P have already been relocated to other buildings at the UvA. A vacant property management agency will be used until the renovation work begins.

What does this mean?

To prevent squatters and ensure that the property does not fall into disrepair, the firm Adhoc has been contracted to fill the vacant building. As of 28 August, this organisation has begun temporarily providing space for students, startups and other office-related businesses to move into the building. These have included around 40 students and 20 startups and other small businesses. The large part have come from the Binnengasthuis premises, since they must leave BG13a (Vendelstraat 8) to make way for the construction of the new University Library.


Further information will follow as soon as we know more about the renovation plans, the timeline for the renovation and the building’s new UvA occupants.

Questions or more information?

Please contact the Facility Services Service Desk by calling 020 525 1403 or emailing