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Study success and study delays

Do you need advice about your study planning? Would you like to know how you can study more effectively? Or are you incurring a study completion delay? The study adviser will help you consider the different options that are available to help you.

I have questions relating to study planning

If you have not passed all your courses, that often means you need to adjust your study plan. The study adviser can help you figure this out and advise you as to which courses can and cannot be combined. You can also turn to the study adviser for questions about taking additional courses or studying abroad. 

I have questions about studying effectively

During the Master's programme, different things are expected of you than during your undergraduate studies. For many students this means they need to change the way they go about their studies. The amount of material to be covered is greater and the pace is higher. In addition, you are expected to have a high level of independence, particularly during the run-up to graduation. There are fewer contact hours and more hours of independent study. For support with learning to study more effectively, you can get help from a number of different places within the University of Amsterdam: 

  • You can find a lot of tips on this page
  • You can attend the training sessions and workshops that are offered, for example to improve your presentation or writing skills.
  • You can discuss your study strategy with your study adviser. Together you can devise a plan to study more efficiently and effectively.

I have incurred a study delay

If you have incurred a delay to your studies, you will probably need to make adjustments to your study plan. For advice on this, contact your study adviser. Please note the following:       

  • If you have incurred, or are at risk of incurring, a study completion delay as a result of special circumstances, it is important that you notify the study adviser in a timely manner (i.e. within two months of the circumstances first arising).
  • Having this notification registered is necessary if you wish to make an appeal under any of the regulations further down the line (for example, applying for additional financial assistance). Read more about extra financial aides
  • If necessary, you can come up with an alternative study plan in consultation with the study adviser (for example, by lightening your course load for a little while) or discuss whether you will temporarily terminate your enrolment.