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Decisions during your studies

Do you need counselling support in making the many decisions that you face in the course of your study programme? Do you want to know more about the different possibilities you will have after your studies? Or are you thinking about dropping out of your study programme? You can read about the ways in which the study adviser will be able to help you below.

I have a decision to make

During your study programme, you will find yourself faced with a lot of decisions, for example relating to electives, projects, minors or majors. Your study adviser can counsel you in making these decisions.

I have a question about my career or academic career

What type of job do I want once I have finished my studies? What are my interests, ambitions and skills? The study adviser will help you figure this out and can provide counselling support during the decision-making process. 

You can turn to the University of Amsterdam's Student Careers Centre for more general counselling support relating to your choice of study programme, or if you get bogged down in the decision-making process, for example. They can help you with career orientation before, during and after your studies, providing information about topics such as doctoral programmes, career options and interview skills.

I want to quit my studies

If you have doubts about your choice of study programme you can, together with the study adviser, assess whether the degree programme is a good fit for you, or what steps you could take to find out whether it is. If you ultimately decide you do want to quit your studies, you can terminate your enrolment then.