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Welcome new students

Welcome new students

Useful information

Registration procedure for UvA-courses

First semester

With your UvA-net ID you can register for courses via

Once you have registered here, you will automatically be enrolled for the compulsory courses in the first semester. 

Within the Computational Science (CLS) curriculum, three courses (in total 18 EC) in the first semester are compulsory. In principle, that would leave you with 12 EC (2 courses) to choose from. Please consult the Course Catalogue for information on courses (see below). During the Master Introduction, detailed information on constrained choice courses and (recommended) elective courses will be given as well.

First semester - ITMO students

As your situation is different from that of the other first-year students, please follow this link to enrol for UvA courses in the first semester: Mention your status as ITMO student in the form.

Second semester

To register for the courses in the second semester, you have to do this yourself through SIS, see:
Please note that the deadline for registration for courses of the 2nd semester is in December 2020 or January 2021. You will be informed about this through email.

VU course and exam registration

The master's programme is offered in close collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. As a UvA student you will take one or more courses at the VU in one of the VU buildings on De Boelelaan in Amsterdam Buitenveldert. You have to be enrolled for these courses with a VU-net ID.

As soon as your registration at the UvA is completed and the tuition fee is paid you will receive a VU-net ID from the VU. The VU-net ID allows you to log in to the VU-net student portal where you can register for courses and examinations. If you do not register on time you have to wait until the next regular teaching or examination opportunity, in most cases a year later. So it is very important that you register for courses and examinations in time.

Additional important information on restriction course registration courses MSc AI

Due to the large number of students who start the master programme AI every year, the courses of the master programme AI face huge capacity problems. Therefore, the programme is forced to place some restrictions on several courses. The programme and the Graduate School of Informatics regret having to enforce these restrictions on courses, but lacks the facilities to admit all students from other programmes.

Popular AI courses such as: Machine Learning 1, Information Theory, Information Visualizaton etc are available to all students for registration, but please note that due to the limited capacity of the courses students of the master programme AI have priority. Students from other programme, such as Computational Science, will be placed on a waiting list if necessary.

Course Catalogue

Consult the Course Catalogue for general educational information and for specific information about the master’s programmes, courses, contact persons, etc. The Course Catalogue is available online.

Bring your own device

All students of the master Computational Science are expected to use their own laptop.


As soon as you are enrolled as a student at the UvA you will receive a UvAnetID from the Central Registration Office. If you completed your bachelor study at the UvA, your UvAnetID is still the same. If you have any problems with your UvAnetID password, you can contact the Study Centre (Library) at Science Park 904 for assistance.

Student ID card

You will need a student ID card to identify yourself for classes, exams and study centres at all UvA locations, and to borrow books at the University library (UB).

E-mail account UvA

UvA students can use an UvA email address via Google Apps for Education.


Your personal timetable is available on DataNose, login with your UvAnetID.


Most UvA-courses are supported by Canvas, our online learning environment. login with your UvA-net ID.

International master student event

The faculty will organize a meeting for all international students of the Faculty of Science on Thursday 1 October at 17.30.

Due to the present situation, the meeting will be online. You will get acquainted with the Dutch academic environment, receive information about social activities and meet the with your fellow international students. There will be a fun activity at the end of the meeting.

In September you will receive an invitation with more details for this event by e-mail.

Study adviser

Students may consult the study adviser for advice on individual situations like studying with a disability/chronic illness, combination study/work, personal circumstances, (temporarily) terminating the study programme as well as for advice regarding planning or doubts about your master’s programme. The study adviser can refer to lecturers, committees and departments within or outside the Faculty. The study adviser has knowledge of the rules and regulations concerning the educational system.

Education Desk FNWI 

The Education Desk is situated at Science Park 904 on the first floor. Opening hours daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Master students primarily contact the Education Service Centre for:

  • the registration of study results
  • information on schedules if not on-line
  • to pick up forms
  • to inquire about study and examination procedures
  • to make an appointment for the application of a MSc degree 
  • for a Transcripts of Records and English translations 
  • for procedures concerning approval from the Board of Examiners, such as approval of study programmes, special courses etc. 
  • for statements from various authorities