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Examinations Board Computational Science

  • Examinations Board

    Examinations Board 

    The  Examinations Board is an independent committee of which the members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. The Examinations Board is responsible for the quality of examinations and for the issue of degrees of the Master's programme. The Board assesses requests and complaints concerning the Education and Examinations Regulations.

    The members of the Examinations Board of Computational Science can be found on the following page:

    Examinations Board Computational Science

  • Exemptions


    In Computational Science students can apply for exemption from core courses. This exemption can be granted based on prior knowledge (e.g., if the student has already taken courses with similar/the same content). Normally the student will be advised to apply for exemption when enrolling on the programme. In some cases the student may want to apply even without receiving this advice (e.g., they would like to take an alternative course to replace the core course). In either case the student MUST apply to the exam committee for exemption.

    A student may apply to the Examinations Board for the approval of an exemption. Please note that exemptions have to meet certain conditions (see art. 4.7 OER). In order to apply for an exemption please send a request to the Examinations Board ( ) describing your request with a clear justification. It also is advisable that you include an email from the coordinator of the core courses stating that they support your exemption (they should feel that you already have the necessary knowledge or will gain the necessary knowledge). You should also include the course description (study guide) and the ECTS of the courses involved.

  • Modification Standard Curriculum

    Modification Standard Curriculum

    The standard programme for the Master Computational Science consists of 24 ECTS core courses, 42 ECTS Graduation Research Project, 30 ECTS constrained choice courses and 24 ECTS elective courses.

    The programme offers the possibility to deviate from this curriculum in certain cases. Normally, reducing the constrained choice requirement of 30 ECTS to 24 ECTS is permitted if the elective course that is added fits within the computational science domain. Reducing the constrained choice ETCS does however require strong justification as does any reduction in the core ECTS.

    During the intake procedure at the beginning of the master programme it may have been suggested to a student to skip a core course due to the student's prior background (bachelor programme, other master programmes). Please note that this still requires a formal application for that exemption (see below for the formal procedure).

    Students who have been in the programme over a period that has seen changes in the constrained choice set can count the superset of all constrained choice courses offered over that period as the set of constrained choice courses.

    In order to make any changes to the standard programme structure students have to request formal approval from the Examinations Board by sending such a request to the Examinations Board ( ) describing your request with a clear justification. You should also include the course description (study guide) and the ECTS of the courses involved.

  • Contact


    The Examinations Board can be contacted by mail:

    Written requests can be submitted to:

    Examinations Board Computational Science

    p/a Education Service Center FNWI

    PO Box 94214

    1090 GE Amsterdam

  • Meetings Examinations Board

    Meetings Examinations Board

    The Examinations Board meets once a month.

    if you submit your request before: Expected deadline of the decision is:
    Saturday 25 August 2018 Tuesday 18 September 2018
    Saturday 22 September 2018 Tuesday 16 October 2018
    Saturday 27 October 2018 Tuesday 20 November 2018
    Saturday 24 November 2018 Tuesday 18 December 2018
    Saturday 29 December 2018 Tuesday 22 January 2019
    Saturday 26 January 2019 Tuesday 19 February 2019
    Saturday 23 February 2019 Tuesday 19 March 2019
    Saturday 23 March 2019 Tuesday 16 April 2019
    Saturday 27 April 2019 Tuesday 21 May 2019
    Saturday 25 May 2019 Tuesday 18 June 2019
    Saturday 22 June 2019 Tuesday 16 July 2019
    Saturday 27 July 2019 Tuesday 20 August 2019