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First aid

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) ensures that first aid facilities are available in all buildings at all times and that company emergency response and first aid officers are properly trained.

Where can I find first aid kits?

In large buildings, there is a first aid kit in the corridor on each floor. In small buildings, first aid kits can be found in places indicated by a green sticker with a white cross. First aid kits are also available at reception desks and service points.

Where can I find escape routes, emergency staircases and fire-extinguishing equipment? 

On each floor of every UvA building, a floor plan is posted which indicates the locations of the escape routes, emergency staircases and fire-extinguishing equipment. These floor plans can usually be found near the lifts. For the escape routes, follow the illuminated signs to the emergency exits.

What do I do in case of an accident?

  • keep safety in mind;
  • remain calm;
  • call the internal emergency number 2222 (only accessible on a landline phone in the building);
  • state your name, telephone number, location, type of accident, number of victims;
  • remain with the person who had the accident until the company emergency response officer arrives;
  • follow the instructions of the company emergency response officer.

What do I do in case of a fire?

  • keep safety in mind;
  • remain calm;
  • break the glass on the fire alarm call point;
  • call the internal emergency number;
  • state your name, telephone number, location, and size of the fire;
  • alert colleagues and students;
  • close windows and doors;
  • if possible, extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher or fire hose;
  • follow the evacuation instructions according to the public address system;
  • NEVER use the LIFT.

What do I do in case of an evacuation?

  • an evacuation will be announced by a siren and via the public address system;
  • remain calm;
  • follow the instructions of the company emergency response officer;
  • use the indicated escape routes;
  • NEVER use the LIFT;
  • walk one after another in the stairwells (join the queue according to the zipper principle);
  • go to the assembly point. Follow the purple signs (where these are present). The receptionist and BHV team members know where the assembly point is;
  • take students and/or guests with you;
  • wait for instructions there.

Company Emergency Response (BHV)

Company emergency response officers are employees who have been trained in what to do in the event of an emergency. They can administer basic first aid, among other things. In busy buildings, qualified first aid providers are also present.

Company Emergency Response drills

The company emergency response (BHV) team schedules regular drills in UvA buildings to ensure all emergency facilities are in good working order. These drills are also an opportunity for the BHV team to practise the BHV procedures in the workplace so that everyone is well prepared in case of an emergency. Staff and students in the building are sometimes asked to participate in a drill so that the team can practise an actual evacuation. The BHV teams perform several types of drills in the buildings, namely:

  • a straightforward drill
  • an announced evacuation
  • an unannounced evacuation

Contact Service Desk Facility Services (FS)

T: 020 525 1403

Facility services forms

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