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Company Emergency Response

Safety facilities are available in all UvA buildings. In addition, training sessions and drills are held for the Company Emergency Response (CER).

Do you require extra assistance to exit the building quickly and safely? Send your questions about physical accessibility to regarding the best way for you to get the support you need.

What does a Company Emergency Response officer do?

A Company Emergency Response (CER) officer is a staff member who provides assistance when incidents or unsafe situations arise within the company. A CER officer has been trained to:

  • provide first aid
  • contain and fight fire as soon as it breaks out
  • evacuate the building if necessary
  • raise the alarm and communicate with co-workers and emergency services

Apart from CER officers, the Company Emergency Response team is made up of first aiders, CER team leaders and specialised CER officers, such as breathing apparatus operators.

CER materials

CER materials include small fire extinguishers, first aid kits, AEDs, evacuation tools and communication tools. These CER materials can be found at central locations in the building and are present in sufficient quantities. 

Contact Service Desk Facility Services (FS)

T: 020 525 1403

Facility services forms

Access all the forms you need to report malfunctions, submit and keep track of reports: (new window).