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The construction of LAB42 is progressing rapidly. What has been done and what will happen the following weeks?

Weeks 42-45
In week 42 (12 - 16 October), the work on trimming the heads of the 334 piles has begun. This will not cause additional disturbance than that is currently the case.

Furthermore, a tower crane is needed to build LAB42. To ensure that the tower crane can be properly placed, additional foundation work is being carried out. This includes the application of wickerwork and the pouring of concrete. The tower crane will be placed on Wednesday 4 November and will be put it into use after that weekend.

Weeks 43-07
All earthwork and foundation work, such as the construction of a sprinkler basement, the pouring of floors and the construction of sewers, will take place in the period up to and including February 2021. We do not expect any disturbance caused by these activities.

For more information and questions about the construction of LAB42, please contact Simon de Roo, area manager: