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Major Science Communication

Science Communication (60 EC) 

The Major Science Communication is designed for students who have a broad interest in current events, societal issues and the public debate on the position of the natural sciences in society.

It prepares you for a career on the intersection of science, technology and society; professions for which you need a critical, academic attitude and the skills to support productive dialogue between science and society.

The major is part of a two-year master’s education programme: during the first year, you will follow the Master’s programme of your chosen scientific discipline (60 EC), and subsequently you will follow the Science Communication specialization year (60 EC) at the Athena Institute at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

For whom?

Do you see yourself working in the future as a science journalist at a newspaper or at a popular science magazine? Or do you aspire to become a communications advisor at a biomedical company, a content manager at a science museum or a PR-manager at an environmental organization? With the Science Communication master specialization you can combine your interest in the natural sciences with gaining knowledge and skills within the field of science communication.


The Science Communication programme contains courses that introduce you to the field of science communication (1st semester). The program concludes with an internship during which you will apply the acquired knowledge and skills (2nd Semester).

In the 1st semester you have to take two compulsory courses: Research Methods for Analyzing Complex Problems (6 EC), and Science and Communication (6 EC). Additionally, you must finish at least three of the courses Communication, Organization and Management (6 EC), Science Journalism (6 EC),, Science in Dialogue (6 EC), Science Museology  (6 EC), or Science in Dialogue (6 EC) successfully.

The 2nd Semester, starting in February, consists of an internship (30 EC).


The Major Science Communication starts once a year: in September.

To subscribe for the Major Science Communication, it is obligatory to have completed at least 48 EC of the master’s programme of your choice at the start of the major. Please take the following steps:

1. If you are not a student at the VU yet, please subscribe as a ‘bijvakstudent’ of the Master’s programme Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship at the VU in VUnet. Subscribe at least six weeks before the semester starts. Go to the register form and select ‘bijvakregistratie’. You will be required to provide the following documents:

- Approval of the examinations board. A signed PEP from the examinations board is sufficient

- Transcript of your grades

- Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld (BBC)

More information about the application procedure at the VU can be found here.

2. Subscribe for each of your courses individually on VUnet using the course codes in the study programme. Subscribe at least four weeks before the semester starts. Check the register terms.

3. Keep in mind that the offered programme consists of 54EC but you have to choose extra elective course(s) from the major to fulfil the 60EC requirement.

If you encounter any problems during registration, please contact the VU student office


For more information about the professional master majors, please contact dr. Erik Joling:

More information

More information about the programme can be found on the website of the major.