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The world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Fighting the new virus and its effects requires research and insights from many disciplines.

Every day research reveals an enormous amount of potentially promising new insights. However, a large part has not yet or not sufficiently been peer-reviewed, and quick and careful public assessments of the latest insights are scarce. As a result, scientific discussions become debates about policy measures. This creates confusion and undermines public confidence in science.

Select research and publish assessments

That is why Pandemic Science was recently launched, a scientific forum that fills a crucial niche: quickly selecting urgent new research from many domains and publishing careful reviews. Supported by basic peer review - without providing policy advice.


Researchers from many fields have joined a scientific crowd filtering forum. Within this forum, new research is discussed and assessed.

The most urgent papers are handed over to expert editorial teams who, after rapid peer review, place them in the context of current knowledge. These reviews will be published.

University of Amsterdam involved in initiative

On behalf of the University of Amsterdam, physicist Daniel Bonn (Institute of Physics) is a member of the committee of founders of Pandemic Science. In addition, a wide and growing group of scientists is involved. The aim is to provide reviews that can be used by policy advisers for pandemics, governments and the general public.

Request for support and volunteers

The founding committee is looking for volunteers to filter scientific articles on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 and to make summaries. More information and registration on the site.

Scientists who support the Pandemic Science initiative can add their name to the Statements of support list.