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Examinations Board

Which steps can you take?

If you do not agree with the admittance to a course, examination or study, you can take the following steps:

  • Lecturer / master's coordinator
  • Examinations Board

Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, you may decide to skip a step in this procedure.

Step 1: Lecturer/ Master’s Coordinator

If you have a complaint about admittance to a course or examination, you must first discuss your complaint with the lecturer involved. If your complaint concerns admittance to a study, please contact the study director or master's coordinator. If the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, you should approach the student adviser. He/she may be in a position to mediate.

Step 2: Examinations Board

A student can file a complaint with the examination board of his/her study if their interest is directly involved with any decision made.

Information about the Examinations Board of your programme, see:

Examinations Board Chemistry

Step 3: COBEX

The final step in filing a complaint is the College van Beroep voor de Examens (COBEX) (Examination Appeals Board). COBEX will assess appeals concerning

  • Decisions made by examination boards
  • Decisions related to admittance to examinations, such as the decision by a colloquium doctum committee or a committee that is authorised regarding admittance to university teacher training programme

Complaints must be filed with COBEX within a four-week term after the decision was made. If you are considering filing an appeal with COBEX, you are recommended to get in touch with the authorised examination board as well.

Correspondence Address:College van Beroep voor de Examens UvA
Spui 21
1012 WX Amsterdam