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Study delay

What should you do?

Are you experiencing study delay due to personal circumstances beyond your control? Then you may be eligible for financial support from the UvA’s Profiling Fund (Profileringsfonds). In some cases, you have the option to request DUO for an extension of your student grant.

What is study delay due to force majeure?

Study delay due to force majeure means that - as a result of personal circumstances - you have obtained less than 60 ECTS in the academic year in which these circumstances occurred.

Personal circumstances are, for instance:

  • Illness (surgery, mononucleosis (glandular fever), mental health issues)
  • A disability or chronic illness (deafness, rheumatism, Crohn’s disease)
  • Family circumstances (informal care, illness or death of a parent)
  • Pregnancy or parenthood
  • Top-class athletics
  • An insufficiently feasible degree programme

Steps in case of study delay due to force majeure

Step 1: Contact your study adviser

(within 3 months)

You discuss your situation together. The study adviser will consider your options to either catch up or to make up for the delay.

> For the contact details of your study adviser, go to the contact page on your student site.

Step 2: In some cases, you can receive financial support

Check in advance whether you meet the following conditions and, if so, submit an application to the student counsellor between 1 September and 31 December in the academic year following the “study delay year”

Conditions financial support due to study delay

The following conditions apply to an allowance from the UvA Profiling Fund or an extension of your DUO student grant:

  • The study delay was caused by personal circumstances during the nominal duration of your studies.
  • You make use of DUO student finance.
  • You have reported the delay to the study adviser within 3 months after the personal circumstances. You can request the Study delay report from your study adviser.

If you are unsure whether you meet the conditions, please contact the student counsellor to talk it through.

Amount of financial support

There are various options for financial support. A contribution from the UvA’s Profiling Fund consists of a fixed amount per delayed month (academic year 2020-2021: € 275) plus the amount of the supplementary grant in case you receive such a grant.

Or you can get an extra year of student finance and public transport via DUO. Please discuss the best option for you with the student counsellor.

For UvA students who do not have Dutch student finance, the financial compensation is set at an amount of €275 per month of the delay, with a maximum of 6 months per academic year.