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Special examination arrangements for students with a disability

Faculty of Humanities

Students with a disability may request special examination arrangements.

  • When does the special arrangement granted apply?

    The special arrangement only applies with regard to:

    • examinations that you sit during the period for which the special arrangement has been granted;
    • examinations for courses for which you have registered. Please note that if you are following courses for another degree programme as well, you must inquire whether the special arrangement also applies there;
    • official examinations (on location) and not for (interim) tests in the classroom or writing assignments.
  • What steps need to be taken?

    The following applies to students at the Faculty of Humanities:

    1. Make an appointment with the Student Counsellors, who will advise you on the nature of the special arrangement. This advice applies for the entire duration of the study programme, unless stated otherwise. If you are unable to make an appointment with the student counsellors in time, make an appointment with the study adviser well in advance of the first examination period.
    2. The Examinations Board will then decide whether the special arrangements will apply to all examinations or whether there are exceptions. The Examinations Board generally follows the advice of the student counsellors. An exception could, for example, entail that a student given extra time to sit written examinations, due to dyslexia, will not be given extra time for oral examinations. Since many applications are made for special arrangements before the first examination period, do not wait to hear from the Examinations Board before continuing with step 3.
    3. No later than three weeks before the examination period, please send an email to the team Examination facilities (in Dutch: team tentamenvoorzieningen) concerning which examinations and resits you would like to make special arrangements for. You must repeat this for every examination period and for all of the examinations you will be taking in that period. Your email must contain the following information:
      - ​which examination(s) you would like the special arrangements to apply to;
      - date, time and location of the examination;
      - the name of the lecturer.
    4. The team Examination facilities will then inform you about the special arrangements which have been made. If you have been granted the customised (‘Custom made advice’) adjustment or arrangement, discuss the details of the arrangement with the team Examination facilities.
  • What factors do you need to take into account?
    • You will sit the examination at the same location as regular students, unless otherwise agreed.
    • Always report to the invigilator at the start of the examination, so he/she can instruct you where to sit.
    • If you are unable to sit the examination, report this as soon as possible to the team examination facilities.