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Progress check

In certain situations, a transitional arrangement or other special circumstances may make it unclear to you whether your curriculum meets the applicable requirements. In that case, you can request a progress check.

The programme administration will then check whether the sum total of the courses you have already taken and those you still plan to take meet all the requirements as laid down in the Teaching and Examination Regulations. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises when the time comes to graduate and ensure you still have enough time make any adjustments if there are problems.

You can request a progress check well ahead of your graduation, given that it concerns your curricular plan.

Note that if you are not planning to diverge from the standard curriculum, there is no need for a progress check.

How do I request a progress check?

You can request a progress check through the Digital Student Service Desk.

  • Log in to the DSSD.
  • Select the option ‘I have a request or want to arrange something’ and then ‘Progress check'.
  • On the form, list all of the courses you have already taken and those you still plan to take.

Based on this information, the programme administration will check whether your planned curriculum meets all of the requirements and subsequently notify you of any problems or conflicts.

You will be informed of the result by email within no more than 15 working days of requesting the progress check.