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Programme Committee

Graduate School of Child Development and Education

The Programme Committee carries out its task by continuously monitoring the education and by providing solicited and unsolicited advice to the implementing institutes on how the education is organised and implemented.

  • Responsibility

    The Dutch Higher Education and Scientific Research Act, stipulates that each study programme must have a Programme Committee, which consists of both students and lecturers. The Programme Committee monitors the quality of the education, discusses any bottlenecks in the study programmes and advises on the development and implementation of the education policy.

    Duties and responsibilities of the Programme Committee include:

    • Advising the Dean and the Programme Directors about the Teaching and Examination Regulations, and their implementation.
    • Advising the Dean and Programme Manager on maintaining and improving the quality of the study programmes.
    • Issuing advice, either solicited or unsolicited, on all aspects of teaching.

    This means that the study Programme Committee plays an indispensable role in quality assurance.

  • Work area

    The Programme Committee offers advice the management on all matters concerning teaching and education:

    • the study programmes
    • the Teaching and Examination Regulations (in Dutch: Onderwijs- en Examenregeling, OER)
    • the method of testing
    • evaluation of courses and curriculum

    More practical matters are also discussed, such as:

    • scheduling
    • literature
    • audiovisual facilities
  • Composition of the Programme Committee

    The 2020-2021 Programme Committee members are:

    Teacher members

    Niels Smits Teacher Methods and statistics
    Teacher members
    Loes van Rijn - van Gelderen Teacher Preventive Youth Care
    Marjolein Zee Teacher Pedagogical Sciences
    Mark Assink Teacher Forensic Orthopedagogy
    Mirjana Majdandzic Techer Preventive Youth Care
    Inti Soeterik Teacher University Programme of Primary Teacher Education and Educational Sciences
    vacancy Teacher
    Student members
    Rosa Helmantel Bachelor's Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Sciences
    Juliette de Groot Bachelor's Educational Sciences
    Charlotte Tijburg Bachelor's Pedagogical Sciences
    Tessa Hartman Bachelor's University Programme of Primary Teacher Education
    Emilia Roelofs Master's Educational Sciences
    Fleur Knoppers Master's Forensic Orthopedagogy
    Emma Vermeulen Research Master's Child Development and Education
    Invited non-members
    Erna van Hest Director College of Child Development and Education
    Andries van der Ark Director Graduate School of Child Development and Education
    Mirjam Koelewijn Official secretary of the secretaris of Programme Committee
    Neeltje Huijing-Schrofer Quality Assurance Specialist
    Lenrine Dalmeijer Board of Studies Student 
    Study Adviser Representative of the study advisers of the College and Graduate School of Child Development and Education
    Eva van Leeuwen Representative study associationComenius
    - Representative faculty student council of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences