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Board of Studies

Board of Studies

College and Graduate School of Child Development and Education

The Board of Studies of each College and each Graduate School consists of the Director of the institute, the Programme directors, and at one or more students. The Board of Studies gives advise to the Director, coordinates the educational programmes, guards the quality of the admitted and graduated students,  the study guidance, and the connection between the bachelor and master programmes. The Board of Studies is an important committee for students, as they are represented in the Board. 


The members of the Board of Studies of the College of Child Development and Education and the Graduate School of Child Development and Education are:

  • Andries van der Ark, Director Graduate School of Child Development and Education
  • Erna van Hest, Director College of Child Development and Education en Director of Universitaire Pabo van Amsterdam
  • Machteld Hoeve, Programme director bachelor Pedagogical sciences
  • Jaap Schuitema, Programme director bachelor Educational sciences
  • Jacobijn Olthoff, Programme director Interfacultaire lerarenopleidingen
  • Elise de Bree, Programme director Research Master Child Development and Education
  • Frank Cornelissen, Coordinator master Educational sciences
  • Helma Koomen, Coordinator master Orthopedagogics
  • Hanneke Creemers, Coordinator master Forensic orthopedagogics
  • Henny Bos, Coordinator master Preventive Youth care and Education
  • Geertjan Overbeek, Coordinator master Youth at Risk
  • Katrijn Raaijmakers, Head Education desk
  • Neeltje Huijing-Schrofer, Coordinator quality control
  • Bonne Zijlstra, Programme manager premaster programmes
  • Tane Nieuweboer, student member Pedagogical and Educational sciences